Month: May 2011

nostalgic futurism

artist Aaron Moran makes use of found wood  from demolition and construction sites and reassembles them into abstract geometric forms. while the shapes of his works resemble bauhaus sculptures, the raw, unpolished texture of scavenged wood injects a warm sense of antiquity and nostalgia into the modern design. this intends to draw attention to the obsolescence of […]

a message to tell

in 2009, Finnish artist Janna Syvanoja created a collection of eco-jewellery made from paper and steel wires. becoming a jeweller was a complete accident as she was never trained in jewellery design and was merely making shapes with shredded newspapers and telephone directories. till now, in her artist statement, she says she doesn’t ‘design’ — […]

green pastures

the moment i saw Hafsteinn Juliusson‘s Growing Jewelry collection, i knew i had to share it with all you green-lovers. this collection marries jewellery and gardening, the modern and the organic, as the rings and necklaces hold in them real Icelandic moss that will grow well if watered appropriately. what attracted me was the simplicity […]

think again.

many would think that fashion and eco awareness are two complete different binaries. but Steven Meisel has proven us wrong. shortly after the oil spillage incident in the United States, he shot a breath taking editorial with Kristen Mcmenamy for Italian Vogue. yes i know its old news but its great news. no wonder Franca […]

(tree) spirit

the spring summer 2011 colour-blocking and fun (floral) prints are taken to the extreme as Gary Card creates sculptural pieces that blend in with the exuberance of this season’s clothes. the editorial is spirited, strange, and slightly surreal, capturing the energy! and fecundity! of spring/summer while sending a truly eco-friendly message about the harmonious co-existence […]