Month: August 2011

eating textile

‘Taste the unwearables’ is a project of Eric Meursing and Marjolein Wintjes (de Culinaire Werkplaats, Amsterdam, the Netherlands) during the Amsterdam international fashion week, summer 2009. They designed especially for this occassion edible fashion accessories and for the grande finale a wedding dress made of edible rhubarb paper, and since then many more edible papers made from […]

sounds gwood!

the V Ave Shoe Repair SS12 caught recyclofashion’s eye (and ear!) with the chunky, handcrafted wooden accessories that “echoed the sound and construction of a wooden castanet”. and what susie bubble said about these woodblocks resembling castanets just made me wonder if we could give it a more local/southeast asian twist, using bamboo instead of […]

short lived sorry i can’t embed this in the post due to user rights. nonetheless, these amazing one of a kind couture balloon dresses will definitely blow your mind away. nothing like the cheesy balloon costumes you’ve seen in carnivals, these dresses by Rie Hosokai is an epitome of both craftsmanship and creative fashion. though short […]

doom with a view

American photographer, environmental activist, and co-founder and director of the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY, J Henry Fair took a series of large-scale aerial photos that capture the global warming process, environmental pollution, and habitat destruction titled Industrial Scars. the documentary photographs range from painting-esque abstract to the realistic and explicitly-in-your-face. while i personally […]