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going a lil’ crazy for fashion

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada S/S 2013.

Agatha’s fashion can go a little crazy at times, not forgetting how Bruno (a character portrayed by Sacha Boran Cohen) actually managed to crash into one of her shows wearing a full velcro suit. definitely one of the most memorable fashion moment compared to Naomi Campbell’s fall during the Vivienne Westwood show or even Coco Rocha Irish dancing down the JPG runway.

but this time round, without the help of Bruno, Agatha still manages to make people’s head turn with her outrageous fun fashion. from meatballs and spaghetti to actual table legs fused into a dress to a wire cage with plastic birds on a model’s neck, what else can we ask for? to top it off, the entire collection was conceived using only recyclable materials.

despite everyone’s disbelief and unhappiness towards the collection, saying its tacky and she’s making alot more from her $87 collection of trash. i say we should praise her for the creativity, fun and motivation she has put into the collection. not forgetting how she has given us the new perspective on eco fashion. with that all being said, i still do manage to find some pieces that is rather wearable. such as the scrap fabric full length dress, the closing dress with flowers and finally the short and pant pink ensemble with wave trim. with a few mish mash of your wardrobe, im sure your day will be beaming with colour and creative and eco awesomeness.

what’s your take on eco fashion?

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