Year: 2011

jute and prints.

Ion Fiz has a Spring/Summer 2012 collection at Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week that has a tropical imprint with a bohemian spirt, in ruffles and patterns with colors like orange, beige, pale pink, brown, beige, and blue that tie the whole show into a sophisticated line of silks mixed with snakeskin, straw clutches, embellishments, blended fabrics, […]

serpent like

nature can be such a great beauty and it will be nice to own a small piece of it. but it such a contradiction that some of the greatest beauties comes from animals and we are taking away their lives to just own a mere part of them. but British fashion design grad student Stefanie Nieuwenhuvse and […]


when i saw this image of a camera made out of paper, i thought to myself – neat, but nothing really exciting there, looks like something that you can get at a high end, (pseudo) English stationery/gift shop, a fancy with a map print. then i clicked on the link and it brought me to […]

shoes that go a long way

only realised a few days ago that i haven’t posted about Osborn shoes yet! how my favourite shoe brand slipped my mind i do not know, perhaps because i tell so many people about them that i thought i’ve written about them already.. in any case, Obsorn shoes, founded by Aaron and Carla Osborn, is […]

eating textile

‘Taste the unwearables’ is a project of Eric Meursing and Marjolein Wintjes (de Culinaire Werkplaats, Amsterdam, the Netherlands) during the Amsterdam international fashion week, summer 2009. They designed especially for this occassion edible fashion accessories and for the grande finale a wedding dress made of edible rhubarb paper, and since then many more edible papers made from […]

sounds gwood!

the V Ave Shoe Repair SS12 caught recyclofashion’s eye (and ear!) with the chunky, handcrafted wooden accessories that “echoed the sound and construction of a wooden castanet”. and what susie bubble said about these woodblocks resembling castanets just made me wonder if we could give it a more local/southeast asian twist, using bamboo instead of […]

short lived sorry i can’t embed this in the post due to user rights. nonetheless, these amazing one of a kind couture balloon dresses will definitely blow your mind away. nothing like the cheesy balloon costumes you’ve seen in carnivals, these dresses by Rie Hosokai is an epitome of both craftsmanship and creative fashion. though short […]

doom with a view

American photographer, environmental activist, and co-founder and director of the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY, J Henry Fair took a series of large-scale aerial photos that capture the global warming process, environmental pollution, and habitat destruction titled Industrial Scars. the documentary photographs range from painting-esque abstract to the realistic and explicitly-in-your-face. while i personally […]

tasteful, sweet-smelling style

Swansea Metropolitan University’s Karen Ingham created a series of apparel, Pollinator Frocks, to bring to light the plight of the shrinking populations of bees and other pollinators. she marries technology and aesthetics to create a collection of clothes with beautiful, iridescent floral prints that are supposed to replicate the way insects view flowers. The apparel is […]

DIY-able couture

spotted at the recent fall couture show for Christian Dior with Bill Gaytten taking the lead, after the departure of John Galliano. Bill Gaytten sent out his debut collection fun, colourful, geomertric, exciting, architectural and a slight influence from the 80s. that aside, what caught our eye was the highly DIY-able couture acessories. some wood, aluminium, […]

knitted hair

hello recyclofashionistas, sorry for the lack of updates. moving on, recyclofashion spotted something at the Thakoon F/W 2011 show. models had their hair bundled with this delightful joy of crochet. something very DIY-able, especially if you have that piece of unfinished crochet that you have no patience on continuing. image credits:  

bottled up

Tonya O’Hara’s PET:cell is an extremely refreshing range of jewellery made from recycled PET plastic bottles. they consist of a strong collection of finger adornments made complete with earrings and bracelets. the translucent material and delicate colours make the collection look clean, fragile, and polished. the shapes and form that bring to mind living organisms […]

human design

Vivienne Westwood has once again partnered with the ITC (International Trade Centre) for their Ethical Fashion Programme. the new autumn/winter collection is available on facebook. read more about it here. “it’s quite incredible to think that we might save the world through fashion”

green issues sharing night

Food#03 is back for the second round of Youtube Sharing Night, whereby a few individuals/groups present youtube videos within 10 minutes– style. The theme this time is “Green Issues” as this session in held in conjunction with Food #03’s Earth Bar. AND RECYCLOFASHION IS PROUD TO BE ONE OF THE PRESENTERS! so if you want […]


in this final post of the 3 part series greenwears, we’ll put the limelight on our asian counterpart, South Korea. from kimchi to their tear jerking drama series, South Korean is now the new hub for everything popular in modern culture. indeed, this South Korean artist Yeonju Sung has definitely taken my breath away with […]

wisely spent.

June 5th marks the annual world environment day. its going to be same old story whereby people will advise you how to save water, electricity, paper, blah blah blah. but recyclofashion has taken this to a whole new perspective. we want you to spend, but spend wisely. and we are going to teach you how […]


wood. a very common material used in fashion accessories like earrings, necklace or brooches. and also a very common material found in landfills. but using wood as a tie? this is definitely something new and refreshing. based in San Francisco, Wood Thumb is a company that specializes in making these beautiful wooden ties. the handcrafted […]


it has almost become a perspective so stagnant that when people think about making wearable art using natural materials (think leaves, stems and flowers), they think its going to look costumey and a little tad crazy. but i am going to break this stale perspective by initiating this 3 part series on greenwears and show […]

nostalgic futurism

artist Aaron Moran makes use of found wood  from demolition and construction sites and reassembles them into abstract geometric forms. while the shapes of his works resemble bauhaus sculptures, the raw, unpolished texture of scavenged wood injects a warm sense of antiquity and nostalgia into the modern design. this intends to draw attention to the obsolescence of […]