Month: January 2011

domestic goddess

published in Vogue UK in 2009, this editorial by Tim Walker and model Malgosia Bela is simply cheap. literally. we show you how you can look expensive with a dime using household items. the patchwork is simply ingenious. mum can now seduce dad in our kitchen. eew. image credits: modelcouture


is what you get when you put supermodel Mathias Lauridsen, DANSK magazine and hell lot of recycled computer parts together. just check this out. and now we know why Mathias Lauridsen happens to be ash’s favourite eye candy. image credits: maleeditorials

ULTRA good

at recyclofashion, we support local design not just because it reduces carbon foot print  but it often brings us unexpected surprises. here is something from our friendly neighbour Malaysia, known for their ramly burgers and teh tarik, they present to us with Ultra. Ultra is a Malaysian eco-fashion label that launched in September 2010, will […]

too good to be missed

check out this photo shoot by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris 2011 modeled by Freja Beha Erichsen. it features some of our favourite designers like Dries Van Noten and Viktor and Rolf. but most importantly, we have spotted some really omgireallyneedtohaveit accessories. as mentioned in our previous post, Elena Bolton herself has created some really […]

rope me in

Eleanor Bolton is probably the first and only ferosh designer that makes really chic jewelry from rope. a pretty unusual material but is able to send our recyclofashionistas running to pay for it. “I have developed my own craft technique coiling and stitching cotton rope, which I write patterns for as you would for knitting […]