Month: April 2011

the life of a plastic bag

“plastic bag is a short film by the acclaimed director Ramin Bahrani and explores the journey of a plastic bag as it sets out to trace its existence and its maker. The film depicts how the bag struggles with its immortality and travels across America filled with mixed experiences, before settling down into the trash […]

happy earth day and have a good friday

theres’s something very cerebral, elegant and geeky about Yuma Fujimaki‘s circuit jewellery. but definitely something you will love and that nerdy computer engineer husband of yours will approve this shopping spree of yours. Made from recycled electronic waste, Fujimaki’s collection features old circuits transformed into richly detailed rings, simple pendants and brooches fit for the […]

chicer but not cheaper

it is not rare to find an eco fashion line in stores near you. but it is really rare to find one that makes you look chic and expensive at the same time. Isoude is one of these rare finds. With each garment produced within a 200 mile radius of their home base, Newport, Rhode […]

trash or couture?

lately in my art, design and media school, there has been a heated argument over carrying a plastic bag vs a miu miu bag. and yes many would have agreed that the plastic bag will look cheap on people but i beg to defer. i think if we could marry this ancient material with fashion, […]