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the life of a plastic bag

“plastic bag is a short film by the acclaimed director Ramin Bahrani and explores the journey of a plastic bag as it sets out to trace its existence and its maker. The film depicts how the bag struggles with its immortality and travels across America filled with mixed experiences, before settling down into the trash patch of the Pacific Ocean.”

news credits: PSFK


  1. Hey Recyclosfashion! Just sending a hearty shoutout from everyone at LOHASia. Really love the awesome work you guys are doing and am very excited with the new places you guys are taking fashion. Great to see people advocating the power of creativity and personality as great tools to save our planet.

    Shared you as far as we could!

    • recyclofashion says

      Ola! thank you for your support!

      P.S. all three of us are having exams right now so we might be a little slow in updates. but do bear with us!


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