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in this final post of the 3 part series greenwears, we’ll put the limelight on our asian counterpart, South Korea. from kimchi to their tear jerking drama series, South Korean is now the new hub for everything popular in modern culture. indeed, this South Korean artist Yeonju Sung has definitely taken my breath away with her wearable food collection.

spring onions/ leek


her choice of food materials include: tomato, purple cabbage, spring onions, banana skins. but what really got me astounded was her usage of prawn heads, lotus roots, black fungus and brinjals. her ability to look and make use or even enhances the details of the food is simply great. her impecable workmanship and fabrication towards her materials has reached an utmost level that not just preserves the dignity of the food material but also gives a second life to it.

enoki mushrooms

chives/ spring onions

in her interview with artistaday.com, she said “The food medium I have chosen for clothes are not protective enough for our body, or durable. Also, it is unmanageable to the passing of time and is easily affected by surroundings. An original function of clothes as a protector for skin is totally destroyed since my clothes are made with food. In my imagination, anything could be considered “clothing” without a formal notion and frame that are usually represented as contexture of textile in a process of making clothes – with a mannequin in my case.”

black fungus

personally, i think that being able to appreciate such work is a pleasure but able to produce one is another state of excitement that gets me all hyped up. certainly i would want to see such pieces actually be made wearable and last.

image credits: yeonju sung
news credits: artistaday.com

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  1. vicks says

    I WANTTTTTT, this is amazing!!!

    the zucchini one is so beautiful… and the lotus one is nice too! (imagine if it’s swarovski crystal lined too..)

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