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shoes that go a long way

only realised a few days ago that i haven’t posted about Osborn shoes yet! how my favourite shoe brand slipped my mind i do not know, perhaps because i tell so many people about them that i thought i’ve written about them already.. in any case, Obsorn shoes, founded by Aaron and Carla Osborn, is a project that “combines humanitarian efforts with a fashion project”. every shoe is one-of-a-kind, handcrafted and signed (!) with pride by an artisan from Guatemala City. the project promotes fair trade and re-enchants the production process by preserving the producer’s connection to the product, recognising and remunerating the artisan’s skills and effort. not only so, many of the materials used in making the shoes are reclaimed. some shoes use recycled tires for soles (and some for heel cap), some of the fabric are reclaimed (and/or handwoven), but i must say what i love most about my pair of Osborns (got mine more than a year ago) is the quilted insole. it is the quilted insole that i think is most telling of the effort, attention to detail, and heart that went into the design of the shoe — it shows me exactly how every part of the shoe, down to the insoles(!!) is handcrafted and makes me feel the heart-warming sincerity of the artisan who wants to make sure that my feet are well taken care of.

this (image above) is one of my favourite pieces, and i’m sure it’s one of harng’s favourite too. we both have something for simple shoes that use burlap in its design. love how the burlap contrasts with the denim!


i love Osborn’s booties — the cut is amazing. no one does booties quite the way they do it!



the loafers cut is relatively new (they weren’t around when i bought my pair last year). i like how Osborn reinvents classic cuts (oxfords and loafters) and gives them fresh feel.


simple, black, velvet booties


this design is Osborn’s collaboration with artist Justine Ashbee launched earlier this year — the first collaboration with artists with more to come. looking forward to the exciting designs!


and this is simply my favourite, favourite pair! would have bought without second thoughts if not for the tinge of guilt from buying yet another something i do not need…..


my year-old pair of Osborns. still looking good!! Osborns are really worth buying and the ones on sale are a steal! something needs to be done about the crazy shipping rates though. the shipping for this pair of shoes were about half the price of the shoes, if i remember correctly..

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