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happy halloween!

you know every halloween people on your facebook friends’ list will start posting photos of them in costumes, frolicking away. and its always that same old costume.

super heroes, zombie nuns, angry birds, undead grandmother etc. same old same old.

no one seems to be putting any effort in their costumes.

until this.

my friend Lara, Ruiwei and female friend (think her name is vanessa or rebecca) wore this to the hottest night club, Zouk in Singapore. my jaw dropped.

it is fucking awesome! first i thought how many poor barbies were decapitated for this project and on the other hand im like yes! kill more barbies! so after much investigation (in a form of a poke and a wall post) i found out that the brainchild for this outfit was Yasee Poh, a set designer from Zouk who is multi talented.

she brutally jolly goodly destroyed 100 dollars for each top and that means 300 barbies came under the knife. i wonder how many hearts of Ken did she break.

Oh yea not forgetting my dear dead friend Ian Kong’s paper mache head piece! that thing looks nasty!

image credits: Ian Kong

special thanks to Yasee Poh on the lovely insights to the awesome top

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