Year: 2013


do you know that stereotypical moment where the action star runs away from an impending explosion and moments later, KABOOM! and glass shards just come in all directions? or that moment when the action star gets a glass bottle smash on the head and still manages to execute some karate chops. have you imagine how […]


back in the fifties when food packaging was a ‘pop’ and especially made famous by Andy Warhol was the campbell soup cans. well, Moschino thought the ‘pop’ should not just be made exclusively to the fifties, therefore their Menswear Spring/Summer 13 was in a Milanese Supermarket and with models (yeap you’re right) dressed in a […]

hehehe i shy!

first of all thank you Juliana for the lovely feature of us! and i must say, she is one wild fashion girl! check out her blog here. its been decades since rf came out from hiding and started to whore ourselves again. and im really fortunate to have talked to everyone that took interest of […]

Made in China

Ai Weiwei is a prolific Chinese artist who creates controversial works in regards to the politics and sadly, he is pursued by the Chinese government for his remarks. Now, he exhibits and showcases his works outside of China but still addresses the issues of his homeland. His recent work titled “Stacked” is currently exhibiting in […]

Let’s Go MAAD!

greetings fellow eco feroshas! its our my pleasure to inform you guys that WE. ARE. GOING. MAAD! yes tomorrow, Jan 4 from 5pm till midnight! we’ll be selling our wares such as bags, bracelets, necklaces and our eco awesomeness! so do lend your support! P.S. it’s been years since we last appeared at maad (our […]