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Cover Image: Collage by HART + LËSHKINA
“To reuse, recycle and reinvent.” 

As common as this statement might sound. If it is coming out from the mission statement of Maison Martin Margiela (MMM), it has to mean something right. Indeed, at its 5th couture showing under the official haute couture schedule held in Paris, MMM did just that. By reusing, recycling and reinventing vintage/ unconventional materials such as coins (old French francs), Japanese souvenir bomber jackets, 18th century silk lampas, bottle tops, MMM created a show that deviated from luxurious materials. Instead, it was a beautiful show full of character as if a romantic eclectic collector came by.

MMM_0176.1366x2048 AA2X0201.1366x2048 MMM_0239.1366x2048 AA2X0315.1366x2048 AA2X0503.1366x2048AA2X0520.1366x2048Look closely and you will be able to find traces of tetrapak and aluminum cans dissected and used as beading.

MMM_0414.1366x2048 AA2X0692.1366x2048

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