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I’m love having to include some ethnic flava in my outfits. Be it hats, wallets, shirts, pants, bags etc. I love them all. In fact I’m called King Julien in my uni due to the fact that I always appear looking like an exotic village king. That aside, I find a lot of endearing values in ethnic crafts and design that I appreciate and to see them getting neglected/ overlook due to fast globalisation, just pains my heart. Refashioning of ethnic design is crucial, in order for traditions and culture to stay alive.

One of few designers that I absolutely love is Stella Jean. A relatively new player in the fashion industry but already making waves in Milan and many fashion capitals. Of Haitian origin, the Italian born Jean grew up in a family where multicultural stimuli to art, fashion and beauty were part of everyday life. With her father being a well reputed Rome based high-end jewelry artisan and mother being the epitome of a stylish Italian woman, it was clear that the young Stella was destined to a creative vocation.

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Her style can be defined as the epitome of multicultural aestheticism, yet there is far more than this. Jean scores the higher note not only through her bold re-interpretation of wax fabrics. Her fashion offers a remarkable style analysis of modern cosmopolitan elegance; showcasing such ethnic fabrics in a new light that has never been seen before. 

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In her F/W 2014 show, she has again showed her remarkable creativity in juxtaposing different fabrics and also showcasing many multi-layerd looks mixed with tweeds and plaids. Not forgetting quirky accessories to complement the high octane visual feast of patterns and prints. All in all, vibrant, gorgeous and I want to be the most fashionable village king in history.

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