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Sex doll lips, rubbish on models’ head, trash pile in the middle of the runway. If there was one thing on Alexander McQueen mind, it has to be ugly for his A/W 2009 collection.

McQueen’s showmanship for his collection is something that I have always revered towards to. No doubt as well for this A/W collection. As models circumambulate the set (made from trash and past years’ show props), there was a sense of cycle and worship evoke, but there was also a tinge of insanity.

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The couture worthy collection features high-drama satires of twentieth-century landmark fashion: parodies of Christian Dior houndstooth New Look and Chanel tweed suits, moving through harsh orange and black harlequinade looks to revisited showstoppers from McQueen’s own archive. Some of the pieces, like the coats, seemed to be made of trash bags and most models were accessorised with some form of trash ranging from cans, wheel rims, plastic bag, umbrellas etc.

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This is indeed trash couture as it’s very best.

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