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Here’s a refreshing take on surfer / surfing photos. Think no more about the sandy beaches or epic warm waters, instead be a penguin. Literally.

Chris Burkard is a photographer based in Central Coast, California. He captures lifestyle and action sports, and some of his most compelling works are these pictures of people surfing among the snow-covered mountains in places liked Iceland, Norway, and Alaska. No doubt there is a certain disconnection coming from these photos because surfing usually features warm weather, sunny beaches and the TV series Baywatch. But here, Burkard’s subjects are seen traversing through glaciers and they are not topless. (cos’ duh)

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But seriously, can we just take a moment to appreciate the stunning beauty despite of the harsh cold weather? The snow, the ice, the sky. It’s simply wonderful.

Burkard purposely searches for wild, remote destinations, and, according to him, “portrays the humble placement of the human in contrast to nature.

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