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I was blown away by Daniel Gordon‘s paper art when I first got contact with it. It was like a hurricane of visual spectacles that swept across my face and I can’t help but start saving images of his art for my own research references. So much so that I think he needs some attention here on Recyclofashion.

Shadows_and_Pears Portrait_in_Yellow_Orange_and_Blue lemon A

Complex, wonderful, surreal, exciting, tactile, engaging, these are some of the words that can be used to describe Gordon’s works. He creates these rich modern interpretations of still life and portrait oil paintings using modern day technology, by taking photographs of 2D and 3D objects. All made with different images he found from the Internet, printed them out and rebuilds the object from 2D sheets of paper, distorting the paper through shaping, cutting and crumpling to recreate the original subject. He then photographs them using a 8×10 inch view camera.

Greek_Vase Portrait_in_Yellow_and_Blue_45x36_ Portrait_in_Orange_and_Green_24x20_ Clementines

A hybrid of Matisse and Fauvist artists with a touch of surrealism, Daniel Gordon works is a composite of fragmented collage pieces, colours, perspectives, dimensions and history. I see a lot of repeating patterns as well in his works and even though repetition could get very confusing and old at times in some art and design works, Gordon manages to pull through to present different works all the time. To further add on why he should be listed among the Top 1000 artists to look out for by Recyclofashion (this list never existed), he dismantles the different images and pattern pieces to be reuse at a later date. That idea of familiarity comes with re appropriation making his works welcoming and ever so delightful.

Portrait Pineapple Summer_Fruit Artichokes_and_LeeksTropical_Still_Life

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