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Typography could be seen as one of the earliest forms of human existence. Using characters and words to convey our messages and objectives. As time passes by, many typographers and designers have had express their point of views on this limitless yet controlled art form. Moving on towards the digital era, typography is no longer restricted to it’s usual parchment or paper. Instead, it is being used as a platform to grow into many other interdisciplinary projects like this we’re about to see.

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Håkon Stensholt, a Swedish designer, recently earned his master’s degree from Stockholm arts university Konstfack with a thesis exploring connections between sound and type design. With his collaborator Paulo Barcelos, Stensholt created Sound meets Type to allow users to run type through various filters and customize the effect of an algorithm that translates sound into a 3-D typeface. These filters include the type’s weight, color, and the elasticity of the letter forms. Any sound can be used, from music to someone’s voice.

The outcome is a series of extra-terrastial forms that can be expressed in many different manners and platforms including 3D printing.

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