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Sorry for the week of disappearance. Was busy art assisting for a film for several nights but nonetheless, I’ve manage to come up with a mini post before I head for my Christmas holidays.

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‘Christmas Tree’ is a self-initiated project in 2009 by Fabien Cappelllo.

There is around 1.8 million Christmas trees in the street of London every January. I took advantage of this huge amount of wood which is shipped every year to the city. I investigated the finite economy of Christmas trees drawing on this local resource to create furniture from the discarded wood. – Fabien Cappello

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It’s funny how Cappello did state under one of his notes that this project has nothing to do with recycling and waste collection but rather how people integrate with their urban surroundings. However I beg to differ since he did mentioned on the usage of abandoned spaces in London to grow these fast growing plants and how the plants can generate income and timber at the end of the festive period. Isn’t that a form of recycling and waste collection?

Well that’s what he said.

But still, I’m really loving how rugged and unpolished the stools looked and ever so clever to be piecing parts of the timber into a puzzles of many different textures and natural hues. Using the leaves of the pine trees in resin (I assumed its resin) is also an icing on the cake. Whatever it is, I’m out till Boxing Day and till then, I’ll bring you more festive and frozen (*hint hint) posts.

Happy Christmas to all!

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