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This is not a post about the Disney animated cartoon that got all the girls ranged from 4 to 20 raving about Elsa and singing to each other about building snowmen. Someone please tell me what is this sorcery.

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As we wait for that answer that might not even come to us, we take a look at Kenji Shibata‘s photographs of frozen flowers on this boxing day. Ice is frozen, which is obvious. But what’s not always so obvious is that ice can signify, both symbolically and in reality, the stopping or slowing of time. Locked in ice, life can be preserved and time can literally be frozen. Which is what makes the thawing of ice all the more poignant and, for Kenji Shibata, an ideal subject to photograph.

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In his series titled “Locked in the ether,” the Osaka-based photographer creates flower ice cubes and then photographs them as they are thawing and melt. Beautiful and painful at the same time, the frozen feat melts away slowly with the passing time. Flowers whose beauty is once preserved, is now tossed back into the merciless cycle of time and will soon wither away. 

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