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Ok totally random but today’s post definitely have some sort of connection with the Hunger Games. Specifically District 12 where our girl on fire is from. Enough of rubbish talk, we look at Polish design studio bro.Kat who made one of a kind jewellery from coal.

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bro.Kat is a reference to “black gold” as coal is referred to in Silesia, a southern region of Poland. In the old days it was the main source of wealth in the region. Nowadays, when its role as a fossil fuel decreases, it is being re- discovered as an innovative material applicable in construction, interiors and product design. It is the coal, combined with silver, which is the material that bro.Kat jewelry is made of. Apart from jewelry design and production, bro.Kat also works with interior design, as well as architecture – in housing as well as public buildings.

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Hochglance means “highly polished” in Silesian and such is this jewelry. It shines with black luster of real hard coal. Each piece from the collection is original and hand-made. Uniqueness of particular items stems from the material, which is hard coal. Every hard coal lump has a unique shape as it has been chipped from a larger stone block. bro.Kat jewelry combines rough hard coal formed 300 million years ago and smooth silver (standard: 925).

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