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“Throw nothing away, we will always find a use for it!”

I don’t know how I could have missed this (video was last posted a year ago on Hermès  youtube channel) but can we just celebrate how lovely this initiative by Hermès is?! Hermès is known for its quality goods made to perfection and its inevitable that the French label do have minimal products that have slight defects and did not make it into the market. So what do they do to them? Upcycle them!

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Petit h “skeleton” bags made out of leather off cuts displayed on modular building block walls


Metal hardware used to decorate the border of a mirror


Led by Pascale Mussard, creative director of Hermès upcycled line, Petit h is a gathering of creative minds, relying on the expertise of craftsmen from all of Hermès verticals in order to create the objects. Petit h feels more like a laboratory than a strict atelier where everyone has their designated roles. Designers are playing around with ideas, toying with possibilities, hence why Mussard is in her element in this space and describes it as a “dream”.


Defected Hermès silk, reused in various objects such as jewellery, mobiles and furniture.

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I also love how Mussard has also adopted a very random style of organization where she sees unlikely juxtapositions of materials and from there magical things happen. To her, the creative freeplay in Petit h is the key mission statement to the upcycled label. We also can see how a discussion between two designers can lead to a spoon becoming a pendant and a table lamp. Of course with the help of goldsmiths and electrician etc.

Please do check out all 5 episodes of the Hermès Petit h below. Simply delightful.

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