Month: January 2015


One of the 8 finalists for the H&M Design Award 2015, Graham Fan recently presented his graduate fashion collection in hopes of winning the grand prize at the awards. However, it was Ximon Lee (previously) and his collection titled ‘Children of Leningradsky’ who took home the grand prize and will be presenting a collection with H&M. Despite not […]


Wetsuits often reminded me of deep sea adventures, tight fits, dark colours and often not that flattering if your body isn’t looking like Gisele Bundchen. But with some innovation and creativity, the neoprene fabric of wetsuits can turn into something stunning. Fashion designer Sadie Williams heat-pressed neoprene to create this collection of metallic sci-fi garments that […]


Cover Image: Peter Macdiarmid (GETTY) Mexican artist Pedro Reyes often work with a political agenda in his mind. Partly due to the level of crime in his homeland, where drug mules rule the streets, it’s not hard to see violence and bloodshed. With that, Reyes created ‘Palas por Pistolas‘ (2008), where he worked with local authorities in […]


Cover Image (L to R): Dust #03 Bed Articles Store, Dust #68 Fine Art Photo Gallery Yeap, that’s the infamous phrase by one of the characters in Little Britain, a comedy series in UK. Dust isn’t always grey like we often see. There are varieties and is this array of colours and content that inspired photographer Klaus […]


A spanish artist who recently showed at the Art Basel Miami 2014, Guillermo Mora is no stranger to his choice of medium, acrylic paint. A medium where most artists and students have used before and are rather familiar with it. Mora uses acrylic paint in a rather unusual and refreshing way. His process is almost surreal, […]


Cover Image Source: There were hipsters in Russia during the 1950s, they are just not wearing skinny jeans or growing a mustache. Instead, they were obsessed with the Western culture—in particular, with jazz, boogie woogie, and rock ‘n’ roll. They were called stilyagi. But in the 1950s, unless you had a radio near the border, there was no way […]


Covered in a skin-tight coating of black rubber and formed using silicone moulds cast from raw cauliflowers, this stool looked like it came out from the set of a horror movie. Knobbly and looking kinda badass, Berlin-based Studio Pasternak made the ‘Dematerialise‘ stool as part of a research project. The aim was to generate an object […]


Takashi Suzuki was intrigued by a very unique material. Something that I don’t even see as having any potential of becoming something worthwhile (and I consider myself seeing the beauty in unconventional). Dishwashing sponges is what Suzuki is intrigued by. He explains that this is because of the texture, colour and variety of form and kind that inspire […]


London Fashion Week and London Collection Mens’ never fail to impress me. There is always a constant growth in British designers and sprouting new designers with interesting visions and techniques. Every season there’s something different and great to share. Known for their colourful prints and updating of tailored menswear, Agi & Sam is one of my […]


“This plastic bag is a not a toy. Keep away from children.” But to Christopher Shannon, It’s a fashion accessory. It’s a mask, its a corsage, its a statement. At the recent London Mens’ Fashion Week, Christopher Shannon presented a rather dystopic undertone collection. Models are featured wearing plastic bag over their heads some what signify […]


At a glance, one might think the plaid tapestries of Zhang Bojun is just another textile art but upon further inspection, its rather surprising to see spots of human existence. In fact, for the past seven years, Zhang has been photographing passer-bys on his daily walks. Over time, he digitally edited these photos, weaving them into […]


Chinese artist Ye Hongxing is one hella of a compulsive artist one might say. Using only decorative stickers and glass sticker beads, she creates these hardcore pointillism-esque collage works that borders on kitsch but reveals a whole lot more issues that she experiences in China. Interested in the rapid social, religious and technological progress in China, […]


Hint Fashion Magazine recently published a fashion editorial on their site featuring a model with a face painted cardinal red wearing various paper fashion. Very stunning lighting as well to bring depth to the matte finishing of the black paper. Very reminiscent of Viktor & Rolf’s A/W 2011 show as well. Photography: Lena Kholkina Design: Venera […]


It’s pretty obvious why I’m posting this. No doubts about it. I enjoyed very much how the newspaper is manipulated into many different textures that worked for editorial. From layering to crushing or even a simple letting it all hang, it created many dimensions for the photos to come alive, despite the lack of accessories […]


  I randomly found a copy of Wylde magazine lying around my bookshelf and was just browsing it as usual for random inspirations when I saw this amazing editorial photographed by Hannah Richards, with art direction and cardboard dresses made by Miguel Lledo. I was pleasantly surprised by it. As you guys know, Wylde magazine […]


Everyone imagines what their future will be like. What will the future hold and how it will all turn out. We have no control of it but we certainly have the ability to imagine it. Building our own future, our own world. Mandy Roos was inspired by old school sci-fi films and their imaginary visions […]


The title suggests a rather tantalizing deliciousness coming up like some kind of dessert. Instead, you literally get confetti in a stack. *tsk I hope you guys had fun counting down to the new year and basking in that moment where the clock strikes midnight with everyone singing auld lang syne and confetti everywhere. I […]


I love my Indian food, I just love exotic flavours and that taste of spices. I love it. And when I saw this video on Vimeo, I knew I had to share it with you guys. This slow-motion video by director Chris Cairns was made as a commercial for a U.K. product called Flavour Shots. […]