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Everyone imagines what their future will be like. What will the future hold and how it will all turn out. We have no control of it but we certainly have the ability to imagine it. Building our own future, our own world.

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Mandy Roos was inspired by old school sci-fi films and their imaginary visions of future, spaceships and unknown universes. Dated visions of technology and old fashioned retro styles create a lighthearted, humor reflection of the past versus the future. In the footwear idea book ‘Invasion Of The Foot Carrier’ the sole is the essential basis. Roos explored the different footwear through many imagined possible scenarios that will help shape the footwear. From moon crawlers, gravity and captivity to alienation and deforming. Roos also came up with really humourous and kinda legit names for the footwear. Some of my personal favourites are Kytron 99, Lunar Crawler, Orion Nebula and Sardo Numspa.

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With a touch of whimsy and childlike imagination, Roos explored the innate curiosity of men and through that projected a refreshing take on sci-fi fashion, away from the dystopic and predicted image of sci-fi fashion. Definitely a starting point for many designers to think outside of the box.

Check out the book below.

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