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Chinese artist Ye Hongxing is one hella of a compulsive artist one might say. Using only decorative stickers and glass sticker beads, she creates these hardcore pointillism-esque collage works that borders on kitsch but reveals a whole lot more issues that she experiences in China. Interested in the rapid social, religious and technological progress in China, her dense and glittering pieces have been exhibited at Art Basel in Miami and Hong Kong by Christian Louboutin.


In an interview with Schön! Magazine, she reveals why this colourful choice of material for her works.

“I am using small fragments of materials first of all because it’s my personal preference – I like dense materials. Secondly, using these materials is a conscious challenge to traditional and conventional mediums. A sticker has an enormous amount of information in it. There is the link to everyday life, the games kids play, characters from popular programmes. Stickers reflect the time we are living in, and they are fragmented, mosaic, so I can give them a new order in the landscape I’m creating. I like the fact that my pictures look different from a distance and up close.”

Ye also never considers her works to be a statement. Instead she sees it as a state of mind, hoping to communicate with audience about spirituality and leaving more space for imagination and interpretation. She also wanted to express the frenzy Chinese economic and technological progress, highlighting the fusion of modern technology, secularism with the traditional and spiritual Chinese culture.

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I see a lot of similarities between China and Singapore. In a sense, both economies are booming and we are very susceptive to many new ideas and culture. At the same time, struggling to keep our identity known with the struggle to fight for constant progress. Local artists such as Mojoko (Steve Lawler) and Zxerokool (Jonathan Leong) shares the expression as Ye Hongxing where pop culture, web art and local culture are often used in works.

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