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At a glance, one might think the plaid tapestries of Zhang Bojun is just another textile art but upon further inspection, its rather surprising to see spots of human existence. In fact, for the past seven years, Zhang has been photographing passer-bys on his daily walks. Over time, he digitally edited these photos, weaving them into more than three-foot-wide tapestries, each composed of thousands of people. zhang-bojun-2013-we-red-photography-of-china zhang-bojun-2013-we-yellow-photography-of-china zhang-bojun-2013-we-black-photography-of-china

In his series titled “We”, Zhang wanted to reflect both uniformity and individuality. Zhang writes that “every person is a mirror in which I can see myself.” He created this series in part to highlight the “survival strategies” of the many migrant workers who come to China’s cities looking for work, and how these fit into a larger picture of social hierarchy. The repeating patterns echo the routines of daily life.

zhang-bojun-2013-we-7-photography zhang-bojun-2013-we-8-photography-of-china zhang-bojun-2012-we-13-photography-of-china

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