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Covered in a skin-tight coating of black rubber and formed using silicone moulds cast from raw cauliflowers, this stool looked like it came out from the set of a horror movie. Knobbly and looking kinda badass, Berlin-based Studio Pasternak made the ‘Dematerialise‘ stool as part of a research project.

Dematerialize-Project-by-Studio-Pasternak_dezeen_784_10 Dematerialize-Project-by-Studio-Pasternak_dezeen_784_1

The aim was to generate an object that would create “dissociation through dematerialisation of familiar forms and structures,” according to the studio. Silicone was poured over raw cauliflowers and left to set, creating a series of moulds for casting. These were then stuck together and cast in more silicone to make the final leg mould. The unusual leg shapes were developed following a series of experiments to make forms that are hard to replicate using computers, creating moulds from vegetables, fungi and “viruses”.

Do also check out Viennese designers Mischer’Traxler who presented a collection of bowls cast from vegetables.

Dematerialize-Project-by-Studio-Pasternak_dezeen_784_4 Dematerialize-Project-by-Studio-Pasternak_dezeen_784_6

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