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A spanish artist who recently showed at the Art Basel Miami 2014, Guillermo Mora is no stranger to his choice of medium, acrylic paint. A medium where most artists and students have used before and are rather familiar with it. Mora uses acrylic paint in a rather unusual and refreshing way. His process is almost surreal, as he dumps buckets of acrylic magentas and baby blues onto the floor to begin. Very much like how I enjoy peeling off dried glue, sunburnt skin flakes of myself, after the paint dries, Mora simply lifts the now hardened paint, and proceeds to fold and wrap his glossy, pastel creations. 

GUILLERMO_MORA_Tres_casi_seis_001 GUILLERMO_MORA_Casi-tres_001 GUILLERMO_MORA_Uno_casi_dos_002GUILLERMO_MORA_Modelo-[N11]_001

These organic gooey forms are held together by rubber bands and belts. Somewhat constraining the monster, but not entirely. To further add to Mora’s highly textural and tangible installations, many of the artist’s sculptures have a crackled, rough grain to the paint.


As seen from his past works since 2007, Guillermo Mora has shown his ability to transform traditional materials and giving them a whole new context and perspective. Not confining himself to acrylic paint, Mora’s works often demonstrate a strong sense of form and colour. Of course as the years go by, he found the perfect material to work with and has since been working with it. I don’t know if you guys have actually noticed but Mora’s installation always involved some sort of gathering or packing, perhaps it was his idea to let the audience see the work as a whole instead of individual pieces. Which is that I find very endearing in Mora’s works, the innate ability to engage and challenge the audience to look at materials differently without trying too hard.

GUILLERMO_MORA_La_prueba_004 GUILLERMO_MORA_La_prueba_006 GUILLERMO_MORA_LOT_[N2]_001 GUILLERMO_MORA_Montana-doble_003_[detalle] GUILLERMO_MORA_[sh][el][f] GUILLERMO_MORA_Senal_II_001 GUILLERMO_MORA_Prototipo_001


Mora also work with modular wooden panels that form into these organic shards of brilliance.

Check out the video below on Guillermo Mora.

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