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I love my squid ink pasta, that slight powdery texture that mixes with the sweet yet salty aftertaste. I love it. The downside to this deliciousness is that I looked like I had teeth that hasn’t been cleaned for centuries.

Moving on, Netherlands studio Today Designers has created a book of nautical tales that smells like the sea because it’s printed with squid ink. At the fish market in Scheveningen, the designers used one and a half litres of squid ink sourced from a fish auction on the Dutch coast to print 700 books.


“It smells, stinks and reeks,” said the designers. “We are talking about a penetrating fishy smell here, caused by the squid ink with which the book is printed.” 

Two writers and nine designers worked on this book which consists of 48 pages full of sailor stories written by Menno Smith and Edwin de VoigtThe pages are screen printed with silk and bound by fishing wire using a Japanese stab-binding technique.

BInnenwerk_inktvisboek zeefdrukken

And now, can we pretend to understand Dutch and groove to the video below that has awesome tunes?

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