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Rebecca Cooper creates kaleidoscopic arrangements of pornographic images, abstracted and spiraling in mandalas of lust, pleasure and hedonism. The infinite circle of skin is then put on display as huge wall installations, like a celebration of love.

JuxtapozRebeccaCooper00 JuxtapozRebeccaCooper01 JuxtapozRebeccaCooper03 JuxtapozRebeccaCooper05 JuxtapozRebeccaCooper06 JuxtapozRebeccaCooper10 JuxtapozRebeccaCooper09

Given such unusual material to work with, especially one with so much skin and exposure, Cooper’s work could well dwell into the abyss of vice. But, she manages to use the different tones/ postures from the images to create individual sex snowflakes which are fascinating and enchanting.

This is willy willy willy good.

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