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If you happen to be in Kichijoji outside Tokyo, please drop by this bar-restaurant designed by Japanese artist and architect Kengo Kuma. Located on a by-street that still retains the ambience of black market stalls popular during the post-world war II period, the yakitori bar- restaurant is predominantly adorned with recycled materials, including ethernet cables, to give the restaurant its distinctive textured appearance. It’s like dining with a giant furry monster, just that it won’t turn around and eat you instead.

kengo-kuma-tetchan-restaurant-interior-tokyo-japan-designboom-01 kengo-kuma-tetchan-restaurant-interior-tokyo-japan-designboom-02 kengo-kuma-tetchan-restaurant-interior-tokyo-japan-designboom-04

Meanwhile, left-over melted acrylic byproducts have been used to furnish the bar, allowing the form of the space to become invisible with stools and tables appearing to float independently. opposite the bar, a large wall painting by Teruhiko Yumura complements the scheme with his punk manga motifs serving as the backdrop.

Definitely a must check out.

kengo-kuma-tetchan-restaurant-interior-tokyo-japan-designboom-05 kengo-kuma-tetchan-restaurant-interior-tokyo-japan-designboom-07 kengo-kuma-tetchan-restaurant-interior-tokyo-japan-designboom-06 kengo-kuma-tetchan-restaurant-interior-tokyo-japan-designboom-08

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