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From farsight, it looked like flocks of seagulls or birds perching on rocks or simply just chilling in one corner. But upon further inspection closer, those are no birds. Instead they are surveillance cameras and satellite dishes Czech artist Jakub Geltner has installed as a part of his series “Nest”. 


Geltner’s most recent installation is titled ‘Nest 05,’ which was presented at the 2015 Sculpture by the Sea in Aarhus, Denmark. The installation, which covers a stretch of mossy rocks, explores the notion of surveillance in even our most peaceful places—the areas we seek when we want to escape.

A graduate of fine arts, he says about his project: “The growth process of a nest on the facades of buildings or in different urban spaces can be implemented as a congestion point or as a starting point of an infection.”

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The Prague-based artist has been installing these works since 2011, bringing together groups of technological equipment commonly used to observe, and turning them into the focal point for the viewer. Geltner has exhibited his works on a church facade, waterfront and the skeleton structure of a former KV KSC (Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia).

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