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Manufacturer Maruhiro, a leading and long-standing producer of this globally renowned pottery, overhauls its Nagasaki flagship store located in Hasami itself, the region famed for producing sturdy tableware since the early 17th century. With the help of Tokyo-based Yusuke Seki Design Studio, a platform is constructed with 25,000 pieces of the pottery from various makers in the region, all of which are deemed “seconds” and therefore unfit for sale.

Maruhiro-Store-08-960x640 Maruhiro-Store-04-960x640 Maruhiro-Store-02-960x640Maruhiro-Store-00-960x640

A celebration of local craft, the site-specific installation manages to combine both minimalism and complexity; the stripped back store receiving a raised platform constructed from the imperfect pieces, or “Shinikiji” as they’re known in Japanese. An ode to the area’s unique history and production style, the design studio describe this concept as bringing “a sense of reverence for this history, conveying the fragilely of the each individual item, engineered together to inspire and cultivate respect for the legacy on the whole.”

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