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Most companies seek out the latest displays for high-tech billboards, but Forever 21 has decided to take a different route for this particular Instagram project. For the past year-and-a-half, the folks at connected hardware maker Breakfast New York have been building a “Thread Screen” for the company.

facade_v0.06_mobile IMG_8815 module_close_up_v0.02-f1c147ad1629ddab7faa795cbb6646f2

It’s called that, because well, it’s literally a screen made of 6,400 mechanical spools of multicolored threaded fabric. Those spools have five-and-a-half feet of fabric each, divided into 36 colors that transition every inch-and-a-half. They move like a conveyor belt, stopping at the right hue based on what picture they’re displaying — an infrared even scans the finished product to make sure each spool is displaying the correct color.

For behind the scenes video and the previously recorded footage of the screen at work, please check at the end of the post.

module_exploded_v0.02-17b2622a8968bffff7b6b6b2d1740ae1 superstructure_v0.02-163e555f88c189ba3ac5838c84f0600f

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