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Nothing is too late for a little apocalypse fashion by Minki Cheng. A Central Saint Martins fashion graduate, Cheng has created a collection of apparel for surviving extreme conditions in style. 

Cheng researched waterproof, heat-proof and radiation-proof fabrics used in wetsuits, body armour and sportswear to select the materials for the collection. Also taking inspirations from animals, bold-coloured plastic fur and translucent scales cover some of the garments and are used as details as well.

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While the colours of the collection mostly came from chamelons and sea creatures, there were pieces of down clothing enveloped in a silk and cotton-mix fabric that has been digitally printed with a design inspired by living creatures.

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The quilted jacket, coat and skirt filled with down are also designed for warmth in harsh climates. “The collection was developed by looking into the abilities living things in nature possess to protect themselves,” Cheng told Dezeen in an interview here. “In comparison, humans are relatively vulnerable.”

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