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San francisco’s Hero Design (led by Alan Rorie and Kelly Parkinson) has came up with a giant interactive pixel board called ‘Everbright‘. Allowing the user to draw with LED light, the ‘Everbright’ relies on 464 dials that change in hue as you twist them, offering almost unlimited color possibilities when creating designs. When you’re done drawing, the entire board resets to a blank canvas with the press of a single button. While fully interactive, it also comes pre-programmed with several animations that can play when not in use.

Everbright from Hero Design on Vimeo.

Everbright’ uses custom LED boards and a high-color contrast surface that looks great, regardless of time of day. It is also capable of displaying customized animations and other interactive elements. Perfect for your living room, or simply any public spaces.

Image Credits: screencaps from video

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