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Tiger Beer came up with the world’s first ink, Air-Ink, made of pollutant particles. They teamed up with a group of artists from Hong Kong to uncage the brand on the streets. The brand’s initiative against air pollution is subtle yet powerful. And combining it with creative graffiti and Air-ink is really ingenious. Not only does it send out a clear message to people but also promotes the brand.

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Tiger Beer partnered with scientist Anirudh Sharma of Graviky Labs to innovate devices that collected pollution from exhausts before it reached our air. The unit automatically turns on when an engine is activated and gases start flowing through the exhaust. This activates the flow and thermo sensor, which, in turn, engages a mechatronic capture system. All fine particle matter is then captured within the walls of the unit; however, gases are allowed to pass through, leaving the engine unaffected.

Back in the lab, the captured pollution is taken through a process that removes trace heavy metals and carcinogens. The purified soot goes through several industrial processes to make different types of inks and paints.

There is also a video here for those who finds all the reading above a little too confusing.

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