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Tiger Beer came up with the world’s first ink, Air-Ink, made of pollutant particles. They teamed up with a group of artists from Hong Kong to uncage the brand on the streets. The brand’s initiative against air pollution is subtle yet powerful. And combining it with creative graffiti and Air-ink is really ingenious. Not only does […]


Zim&Zou are two french artists, based in Nancy. The duo is composed of Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann who studied graphic design (design, publishing, advertising) for three years. The duo then decided to focus on installations using handcrafted objects made out of tangible materials such as paper, wood, thread, etc… rolling away from computer design. Anchored in craftsmanship, […]


Previously mentioned in my post here, James Ostrer is now back with a new series of work featuring meat and celebrities and of course with his signature on it. In his latest body of work The Ego System, Ostrer is seeking to challenge the idea that our modern icons and the very concept of celebrity isn’t what it […]


Artist Alexander Groves and architect Azusa Murakami of London-based interdisciplinary design practice Studio Swine explore the long tradition of maritime crafts in Gyrecraft, a new project consisting of an ocean journey, five unique sculptures, and a short film. Gyrecraft draws attention to the disappearing tradition of maritime crafts throughout the world, as well as the growing problem […]


A sunburn is never a pleasant thing, not for French artist Thomas Mailaender at least. In this publication titled ‘Illustrated People’, Mailaender applied 23 original negatives from the archive of modern conflict’s collection onto the skin of models, before projecting a powerful UV lamp over them. The result reveals a fleeting picture on the skin’s surface, […]


The Fallas festival took place in Valencia earlier this year and visitors were treated to an impressive installation called Ekklesia by the artist collective Pink Intruder. This towering piece of installation features metallic-colored cardboard tubes that sit atop a mosaic design of 96,000 wooden pieces. The colorful mosaic pieces were based on the designs of […]


This isn’t the Battleship Galactica at Universal Studios, Singapore. This is the work of Baptiste Debombourg who has transformed an ordinary public square in France into the site of an incredible art installation. Titled Stellar, the piece utilizes the very objects that normally occupy the outdoor space—cafe chairs—and stacks 1,200 of them to form a dynamic roller […]


As we draw closer to the end of the Jubilee Weekend where we celebrate the nation’s 50th birthday, I felt necessary to share this piece of public art I came across at Promenade Station, Downtown Line (coincidentally on a Jubilee Weekend). Earthcake examines the geology and tradition of Singapore by zooming into the layers of cultural […]


Manufacturer Maruhiro, a leading and long-standing producer of this globally renowned pottery, overhauls its Nagasaki flagship store located in Hasami itself, the region famed for producing sturdy tableware since the early 17th century. With the help of Tokyo-based Yusuke Seki Design Studio, a platform is constructed with 25,000 pieces of the pottery from various makers in the region, all of which are […]


The name of this post sounds nothing like its title. Nothing. In fact when I first came across this, I had goosebumps all over. In 2000, Nick Knight and Lee McQueen collaborated on their Angel installation, featuring 80 gallons of live dyed maggots arranged in the shape of an angelic face, at La Beauté en […]


From farsight, it looked like flocks of seagulls or birds perching on rocks or simply just chilling in one corner. But upon further inspection closer, those are no birds. Instead they are surveillance cameras and satellite dishes Czech artist Jakub Geltner has installed as a part of his series “Nest”.  Geltner’s most recent installation is titled […]


Iceland-based multimedia artist, Philip Ob Rey, uses discarded VHS tapes to create haunting creatures that wander frozen landscapes. Night forbade by a sunray. Not a bird to be heard, not a herd of grass to clench, no vengeful sun to pray. Mysterious, mesmerizing, onilyrical, the V monoliths, somber giants built by Phillip Ob Rey, shaped […]


The Beach features an immersive installation by experimental design firm Snarkitecture. The 10,000-square-foot space in the National Building Museum is filled with an “ocean” of one million translucent polyethylene balls and a carpeted deck that’s complete with lounge chairs. Although the installation presents a beach-like setting, it uses creative liberties to interpret the idea of an oceanside […]


Artificial Killing Machine is an autonomous interactive mechanical installation by Jonathan Fletcher Moore. This time based work accesses a public database on U.S. military drone strikes. When a drone strike occurs, the machine activates, and fires a children’s toy cap gun for every death that results. The raw information used by the installation is then printed. […]


In this optical illusion-type work titled “Damage”, artist Michael Murphy paints 1,200 ping pong balls black and then suspends them from a height. The installation snaps into place when viewed from just the right spot, cleverly engages not just the audience sight but also their perception towards gun laws in America. As the visitor walks around the suspended ping pong […]


Unstable Matter is kinetic sculpture by Finnish artists Tommi Grönlund and Petteri Nisunen, a.k.a. Grönlund-Nisunen. The wobbly table which contains thousands of ball bearings that move and crash within the tablesides. It is rather hypnotic and relaxing to hear the sculpture produce sounds that is similar to a passing rain shower.  The table is part of several kinetic and […]


Daniel Rozin’s anthropomorphic “PomPom Mirror” features a synchronized array of 928 spherical faux fur puffs. Organized into a three-dimensional grid of beige and black, the sculpture is controlled by hundreds of motors that build silhouettes of viewers using computer-vision. Along its surface, figures appear as fluffy animal-like representations within the picture plane, which is made […]


If you happen to be in Kichijoji outside Tokyo, please drop by this bar-restaurant designed by Japanese artist and architect Kengo Kuma. Located on a by-street that still retains the ambience of black market stalls popular during the post-world war II period, the yakitori bar- restaurant is predominantly adorned with recycled materials, including ethernet cables, to give the restaurant its […]


Yes its part of a larger lyrics by one of Madonna’s Song but this was what first came into my mind when I first got in touch with Swiss artist Romain Crelier’s La Mise en Abîme. Installed on the floor of the Bellelay Abbey Church in Switzerland back in 2013, this mesmerising installation consists of two shallow pools of recycled […]


*NSFW Rebecca Cooper creates kaleidoscopic arrangements of pornographic images, abstracted and spiraling in mandalas of lust, pleasure and hedonism. The infinite circle of skin is then put on display as huge wall installations, like a celebration of love. Given such unusual material to work with, especially one with so much skin and exposure, Cooper’s work could […]


Takahiro Iwasaki a master of his own craft, but most importantly a creator of his own imagination. Using only cloth fibres, dust and human hair, Iwasaki creates elaborate yet intriguing landscapes of towers, ferris wheels and cranes etc sprouting on undulating layers of Japanese kimonos. Geologically complex and dream-like, these once minuscule and seemingly insignificant materials […]


After repeatedly finding boxes of discarded books in and around her urban environment, San francisco-based artist Alexis Arnold became fascinated by the idea of finding ways in which to immortalize forsaken publications. The shutting of newspaper and magazine shops coupled with the onslaught of electronic reading leaves the paperback in a uncertain state. Arnold has artfully […]


Cover Image: Image © 2014 READS Singapore is slowly getting a little too warm for my liking recently. Most of the time, I just wished I could soak myself in a tub for most of the day like a hippo (not that I’m fat). But when I saw this on the web, I felt an immediate connection […]


Cover Image: Peter Macdiarmid (GETTY) Mexican artist Pedro Reyes often work with a political agenda in his mind. Partly due to the level of crime in his homeland, where drug mules rule the streets, it’s not hard to see violence and bloodshed. With that, Reyes created ‘Palas por Pistolas‘ (2008), where he worked with local authorities in […]


Cover Image (L to R): Dust #03 Bed Articles Store, Dust #68 Fine Art Photo Gallery Yeap, that’s the infamous phrase by one of the characters in Little Britain, a comedy series in UK. Dust isn’t always grey like we often see. There are varieties and is this array of colours and content that inspired photographer Klaus […]


A spanish artist who recently showed at the Art Basel Miami 2014, Guillermo Mora is no stranger to his choice of medium, acrylic paint. A medium where most artists and students have used before and are rather familiar with it. Mora uses acrylic paint in a rather unusual and refreshing way. His process is almost surreal, […]


Takashi Suzuki was intrigued by a very unique material. Something that I don’t even see as having any potential of becoming something worthwhile (and I consider myself seeing the beauty in unconventional). Dishwashing sponges is what Suzuki is intrigued by. He explains that this is because of the texture, colour and variety of form and kind that inspire […]


At a glance, one might think the plaid tapestries of Zhang Bojun is just another textile art but upon further inspection, its rather surprising to see spots of human existence. In fact, for the past seven years, Zhang has been photographing passer-bys on his daily walks. Over time, he digitally edited these photos, weaving them into […]


Chinese artist Ye Hongxing is one hella of a compulsive artist one might say. Using only decorative stickers and glass sticker beads, she creates these hardcore pointillism-esque collage works that borders on kitsch but reveals a whole lot more issues that she experiences in China. Interested in the rapid social, religious and technological progress in China, […]