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Zim&Zou are two french artists, based in Nancy. The duo is composed of Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann who studied graphic design (design, publishing, advertising) for three years. The duo then decided to focus on installations using handcrafted objects made out of tangible materials such as paper, wood, thread, etc… rolling away from computer design. Anchored in craftsmanship, […]


Artist Alexander Groves and architect Azusa Murakami of London-based interdisciplinary design practice Studio Swine explore the long tradition of maritime crafts in Gyrecraft, a new project consisting of an ocean journey, five unique sculptures, and a short film. Gyrecraft draws attention to the disappearing tradition of maritime crafts throughout the world, as well as the growing problem […]


Cover Image Credits: EPA/JULIEN WARNAND Happy New Year! And nothing beats fresh flowers to start off the New Year. The 77 m x 24 m Flower Carpet is a spectacle held on the Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium. Every other summer on the weekend of August 15th, over 600,000 begonia flowers are assembled by some hundred volunteers within 4 […]


San francisco’s Hero Design (led by Alan Rorie and Kelly Parkinson) has came up with a giant interactive pixel board called ‘Everbright‘. Allowing the user to draw with LED light, the ‘Everbright’ relies on 464 dials that change in hue as you twist them, offering almost unlimited color possibilities when creating designs. When you’re done drawing, the entire […]


Most companies seek out the latest displays for high-tech billboards, but Forever 21 has decided to take a different route for this particular Instagram project. For the past year-and-a-half, the folks at connected hardware maker Breakfast New York have been building a “Thread Screen” for the company. It’s called that, because well, it’s literally a […]


Manufacturer Maruhiro, a leading and long-standing producer of this globally renowned pottery, overhauls its Nagasaki flagship store located in Hasami itself, the region famed for producing sturdy tableware since the early 17th century. With the help of Tokyo-based Yusuke Seki Design Studio, a platform is constructed with 25,000 pieces of the pottery from various makers in the region, all of which are […]


BBDO Proximity Thailand has produced a fascinating case study on its recent anti-smoking effort for the Thai Health Promotion Foundation. Working with medical faculty at Chulalongkorn University, the agency produced a black ink made from materials extracted from lungs donated after death by longtime smokers. By distributing the ink at public events, the campaign sparked quite […]


The latest cover of Vangardist Magazine, a progressive men’s publication, is bound to stand out at newsstands. “This Magazine Has Been Printed With The Blood of HIV+ People,” it reads, and it’s true. It has Over 3,000 copies of the spring issue have been printed with ink containing a small amount of infected blood, as an attempt […]


I love my squid ink pasta, that slight powdery texture that mixes with the sweet yet salty aftertaste. I love it. The downside to this deliciousness is that I looked like I had teeth that hasn’t been cleaned for centuries. Moving on, Netherlands studio Today Designers has created a book of nautical tales that smells like the sea […]


Cover Image Source: There were hipsters in Russia during the 1950s, they are just not wearing skinny jeans or growing a mustache. Instead, they were obsessed with the Western culture—in particular, with jazz, boogie woogie, and rock ‘n’ roll. They were called stilyagi. But in the 1950s, unless you had a radio near the border, there was no way […]


Covered in a skin-tight coating of black rubber and formed using silicone moulds cast from raw cauliflowers, this stool looked like it came out from the set of a horror movie. Knobbly and looking kinda badass, Berlin-based Studio Pasternak made the ‘Dematerialise‘ stool as part of a research project. The aim was to generate an object […]


I love my Indian food, I just love exotic flavours and that taste of spices. I love it. And when I saw this video on Vimeo, I knew I had to share it with you guys. This slow-motion video by director Chris Cairns was made as a commercial for a U.K. product called Flavour Shots. […]


“Throw nothing away, we will always find a use for it!” I don’t know how I could have missed this (video was last posted a year ago on Hermès  youtube channel) but can we just celebrate how lovely this initiative by Hermès is?! Hermès is known for its quality goods made to perfection and its inevitable that […]


  Sorry for the week of disappearance. Was busy art assisting for a film for several nights but nonetheless, I’ve manage to come up with a mini post before I head for my Christmas holidays. ‘Christmas Tree’ is a self-initiated project in 2009 by Fabien Cappelllo. There is around 1.8 million Christmas trees in the […]


Typography could be seen as one of the earliest forms of human existence. Using characters and words to convey our messages and objectives. As time passes by, many typographers and designers have had express their point of views on this limitless yet controlled art form. Moving on towards the digital era, typography is no longer […]


KaCaMa Design Lab is a Hong Kong-based product designers who specializes in reusing post-consumer waste materials. Not only delighting people’s lives but they also hope to instill eco-awareness and establish connections with local enterprises , handicraft and local cultures.  In one of their projects titlted: “The Colour of Waste”, they explored the usage of natural […]


If you guys can remember Dave Hakkens, he was the brainchild who started this project to replicate industry standard machinery to start recycling and producing plastic locally. Now he is at it again, this time repairing things. Repairing things, used to be a way to keep our products longer. Adding a new shoe sole, use some glue […]


If they could talk, that is. These vintage vacuum cleaners have been given a second life by Danish artist Kristian Linneberg Sørensen who recycles them into lamps that is both made to function and be on display. Vacuum cleaners are often considered as mundane machines to help out with the chores at home but to recycle them […]


Extracted from the Well Proven Chair Official Site: Understanding that processing wood from planks to products incurs 50% to 80% of timber wastage during normal manufacture, Marjan van Aubel and James Shaw looked at ways of incorporating waste shavings into design using bio-resin. A curious chemical reaction occurs when it is mixed with the shavings, […]


Cover Image: Disposable Carpet  Dutch design trio ‘We Make Carpets‘ isn’t your typical carpet artisans. Designers Marcia Nolte, Stijn van der Vleuten and Bob Waardenburg mixes traditional pattern making with a critical view of the consumer society, the trio creates carpets using every material under the Sun. ‘This amazement concerns the material. And that is what it is all about for WE […]


American artist Gregory Kloehn and the founder of the ‘Homeless Homes Project‘ transforms illegal dumped trash, commercial waste and excess household items into dwellings for the homeless, providing them with the much respite and warmth. He upcycles the raw materials into walls, roofs, doors, windows, wheels and locks. These cute little shelters not just add […]


if only i am living in a warehouse or the Taj Mahal, i would have scavenged, salvaged, make love to every pre loved furniture in the world. unfortunately, i live in a 4 room apartment in Buangkok and my room is quite small that i have to sleep like Mr Dracula. hanging from above. fortunately, the […]

ART-ter rubbish.

Austrian artist Christian Grillitsch is doing “Velodrawings,” which is a hybrid of controlled chance. His tool is not a brush, pen, pencil or anything conventional but rather his handy BMX bike. Oh yes we have seen many delinquents (i mean active teenagers) partaking in extremely skilled stunts at parks but i personally do not see the connection […]