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In my humble opinion, it takes guts and determination in wanting to initiate a social and ecological change through fashion. And once in a while, a designer like Bethany Williams comes by and sweep me away with her overflowing passion and creativity for such causes. Williams believes that social and environmental issues go hand in hand and […]


Sports retailer Adidas recently teamed up with a conservation organization called Parley for the Oceans to put the ocean’s overwhelming amount of trash to good use. In a world’s first prototype, the two groups created a shoe whose upper construction was harvested from ocean plastic and illegal deep-sea gillnets. A Parley ally, the Sea Shepherd […]


Gareth Pugh‘s avant-garde and conceptual collections have been making waves in the fashion industry and causing quite a stir every season of showing. Since his debut solo premiere in 2006, the British designer and a Central Saint Martins graduate has been designing for several celebrities like Lady Gaga and Kylie Minogue. Known for his fashion-as-performance-art penchant that stretches […]


Previously, I mentioned that I love corks in Ostwald Helgason’s S/S 12 runway collection where the material was being utilised into many wearable pieces. Now the cork has returned again. This time round product designer Todd Bracher was invited by Wallpaper* magazine to create an object made from cork for the handmade issue and he […]


as a visual communication student, i’m constantly dealing with paper stocks and its not uncommon for me to get papercuts which i hate with a vengeance. like a sneaky ninja, papercuts strikes when you’re not watching. the damage will only be realised when you’re in the shower and it hurts. the beautiful pictures titled Papercuts, […]


i’ve been through 2 years of national service. in these 2 years, there was alot of tears, sweat, vulgarities and blood. but, one of my fondest memory was when me and my friend Alfri (who was a fashion graduate) created an army inspired fashion show for our company as part of recruits’ night. the entire […]

happy halloween!

you know every halloween people on your facebook friends’ list will start posting photos of them in costumes, frolicking away. and its always that same old costume. super heroes, zombie nuns, angry birds, undead grandmother etc. same old same old. no one seems to be putting any effort in their costumes. until this. my friend […]

Comme Des Garcons S/S 2013 RTW

i’m developing a huge crush (pun intended) for Comme Des Garcons this Paris fashion week. i quote‘s Jo-Ann Furniss saying ‘ “Crushing” was the answer.’ it seems like the collection itself was extracted from the recycling plant where all materials fuses and interact with each other. the crowns made with biscuit tins and parts of a […]

Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2013 RTW

burlap is what’s hot for spring according to designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. just make sure you have lots of baby power on. helps with the itch. but on a serious note, these burlap pieces and the earrings (just look at them!) are sex. couldn’t find a better word to describe it. image credits:

family jewels

Denise Reytan could be the only jewellery designer i have seen that has placed so much effort and creativity through her design process. the story in every jewllery does not require a very complicated plot nor it requires fluffy vocabulary or words. but all it requires is chemistry and soul which i think Reytan has […]

from foam balls to laundry bags

when is the last time you happen to look at something so common and had a eureka moment? Aisling Farrell did when she witnessed a magical moment with fabrics like organza n chiffon n PVC were rubbed with styrofoam beads. The static electricity causes the balls to hover in between them like a snow globe. […]


over at recyclofashion we believe in local crafts and design as part of our strive for eco fabulousness. and what kind of fireworks will they be if a world renowned fashion blogger like Susanna Lau, also known as Susie Bubble will to embrace indigenous crafts? you get FIERCE outfit from head to toe without looking […]

i love corks. i mean Ostwald Helgason.

what are the odds when you see cork being used in fashion? fashion has always been a risk taker but eco-fashion opens up your vision for alternative materials. Ostwald Helgason is a creative duo made up of Susanne Ostwald and Ingvar Helgason from UK who are very proficient in textile creation n manipulation. but what caught my […]

GaryCard’s appetite

GaryCard has done it again. previously featured on our site here, GaryCard challenged himself to create dynamic styling and art direction for the editorial titled ‘Salad Days’ for T Magazine with Richard Burbridge and Robbie Spencer. Using only salad ingredients such as seafood, meat, noodles and vegetables. He sure knows how to whet my appetite. […]

revived from the dead

just months ag0, my hard disk crashed into the gates of hell and i managed to recover most of the data with a hefty price. while looking through my hard disk data, i came across these few awesome pictures but i only have some details about it! so do tell me  what i’m missing out! […]

life in plastic, its fantastic

as you sing along to the ultimate old skool tune by ‘Aqua’, we present you another plastic awesome-ness. this is so forking good. view the whole set of pictures here Photographer: TOMAAS Stylist: Carla Engler Represented by BryantBantry Reps Make Up Artist: FionaThatcher For Make Up For Ever. Hair Stylist: SeijiUehara, Represented By Ennis, Inc […]

salvation army revamped

The newly revamped Praisehaven Family Thrift Store was revealed on March 16th, 2012 by the Salvation Army Red Shield Industries, in conjunction with its 10th anniversary. The entire store are collectively re-designed by Out of Stock, Triggerhappy, Foundry, Hjgher, HOKO, Studio Juju, Super mama and Jarrod Lim. Creative consultant Tracy Phillips helped rebrand a section of the thrift store as well as collaborated with the Salvation […]

my jewels goes meow

kinda eccentric and creepy at the same time. on the other note, as you guys have noticed, we’ve been posting much on our site. our dear Shi Ying is currently in Loughbrough, UK for her exchange and i just finished school and i am too preparing for our exchange in NZ. so time isnt really […]

jute and prints.

Ion Fiz has a Spring/Summer 2012 collection at Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week that has a tropical imprint with a bohemian spirt, in ruffles and patterns with colors like orange, beige, pale pink, brown, beige, and blue that tie the whole show into a sophisticated line of silks mixed with snakeskin, straw clutches, embellishments, blended fabrics, […]