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  I randomly found a copy of Wylde magazine lying around my bookshelf and was just browsing it as usual for random inspirations when I saw this amazing editorial photographed by Hannah Richards, with art direction and cardboard dresses made by Miguel Lledo. I was pleasantly surprised by it. As you guys know, Wylde magazine […]


Chanced upon this amazing fashion editorial on Schön! Magazine N°27. It features an array of junky styling and a mixture of textures with a little reference of clowns/ circus/ harlequins. Something very up to my taste level and aesthetics. Schon Magazine N°27 Photographer: Livia Alcalde Stylist: Pablo Patanè Makeup: Valeria Orlando Hair: Riccardo Lupini Also […]


Warning: Slight Nudity Loving how the ‘water’ reflects iridescence. Very Iris van Herpen as well. Photography by Zeb Daemen Styling & Set Design by LA STUDIO Art Direction by LA STUDIO and Zeb Daemen Hair & Makeup by Vera Dierckx With Laura Mercier & Kevin Murphy Model(s) Anouk @ Paparazzi Models Photographer assisted by Gretar Ingi Gunnlaugsson; shot at ALight […]


Cover Image: Kalen Hollomon: Untitled This is so funny I can’t stop. Extracted from her site: Seeking to explore the intersection of human perception and awareness, Kalen Hollomon produces mixed media works with an emphasis on the ever-changing relationship between subject and object. Unorthodox combinations that explore commerce, fashion, gender identity and taboo collide in images […]


as a visual communication student, i’m constantly dealing with paper stocks and its not uncommon for me to get papercuts which i hate with a vengeance. like a sneaky ninja, papercuts strikes when you’re not watching. the damage will only be realised when you’re in the shower and it hurts. the beautiful pictures titled Papercuts, […]


i’ve been through 2 years of national service. in these 2 years, there was alot of tears, sweat, vulgarities and blood. but, one of my fondest memory was when me and my friend Alfri (who was a fashion graduate) created an army inspired fashion show for our company as part of recruits’ night. the entire […]

GaryCard’s appetite

GaryCard has done it again. previously featured on our site here, GaryCard challenged himself to create dynamic styling and art direction for the editorial titled ‘Salad Days’ for T Magazine with Richard Burbridge and Robbie Spencer. Using only salad ingredients such as seafood, meat, noodles and vegetables. He sure knows how to whet my appetite. […]

revived from the dead

just months ag0, my hard disk crashed into the gates of hell and i managed to recover most of the data with a hefty price. while looking through my hard disk data, i came across these few awesome pictures but i only have some details about it! so do tell me  what i’m missing out! […]

life in plastic, its fantastic

as you sing along to the ultimate old skool tune by ‘Aqua’, we present you another plastic awesome-ness. this is so forking good. view the whole set of pictures here Photographer: TOMAAS Stylist: Carla Engler Represented by BryantBantry Reps Make Up Artist: FionaThatcher For Make Up For Ever. Hair Stylist: SeijiUehara, Represented By Ennis, Inc […]

salvation army revamped

The newly revamped Praisehaven Family Thrift Store was revealed on March 16th, 2012 by the Salvation Army Red Shield Industries, in conjunction with its 10th anniversary. The entire store are collectively re-designed by Out of Stock, Triggerhappy, Foundry, Hjgher, HOKO, Studio Juju, Super mama and Jarrod Lim. Creative consultant Tracy Phillips helped rebrand a section of the thrift store as well as collaborated with the Salvation […]

think again.

many would think that fashion and eco awareness are two complete different binaries. but Steven Meisel has proven us wrong. shortly after the oil spillage incident in the United States, he shot a breath taking editorial with Kristen Mcmenamy for Italian Vogue. yes i know its old news but its great news. no wonder Franca […]

(tree) spirit

the spring summer 2011 colour-blocking and fun (floral) prints are taken to the extreme as Gary Card creates sculptural pieces that blend in with the exuberance of this season’s clothes. the editorial is spirited, strange, and slightly surreal, capturing the energy! and fecundity! of spring/summer while sending a truly eco-friendly message about the harmonious co-existence […]

trash or couture?

lately in my art, design and media school, there has been a heated argument over carrying a plastic bag vs a miu miu bag. and yes many would have agreed that the plastic bag will look cheap on people but i beg to defer. i think if we could marry this ancient material with fashion, […]

recessionista chic

sorry for the lack of updates for the past few days. in return, we’ll show you how you can look chic, even on the verge of begging on the streets. magazine: Vogue Italia June 2010 models: Cole Mohr, Yuri Pleskun, Will Lewis, Daniel Sweeney, Eva Herzigova, Eliza Cummings, Valerija Kelava, Tanga Moreau photographer: Steven Meisel […]

domestic goddess

published in Vogue UK in 2009, this editorial by Tim Walker and model Malgosia Bela is simply cheap. literally. we show you how you can look expensive with a dime using household items. the patchwork is simply ingenious. mum can now seduce dad in our kitchen. eew. image credits: modelcouture


is what you get when you put supermodel Mathias Lauridsen, DANSK magazine and hell lot of recycled computer parts together. just check this out. and now we know why Mathias Lauridsen happens to be ash’s favourite eye candy. image credits: maleeditorials

too good to be missed

check out this photo shoot by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris 2011 modeled by Freja Beha Erichsen. it features some of our favourite designers like Dries Van Noten and Viktor and Rolf. but most importantly, we have spotted some really omgireallyneedtohaveit accessories. as mentioned in our previous post, Elena Bolton herself has created some really […]