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Creator Susan McLeary imagines amazing jewels from succulents she collects at her family’s greenhouse. The plants resist for 2 – 4 weeks before they die and you can remove them to reveal the naked jewellery. If you feel that the plants are going to waste, they can also be re-potted. More on her etsy page here. […]


Ok totally random but today’s post definitely have some sort of connection with the Hunger Games. Specifically District 12 where our girl on fire is from. Enough of rubbish talk, we look at Polish design studio bro.Kat who made one of a kind jewellery from coal. bro.Kat is a reference to “black gold” as coal […]


The phenomenon, resin produced by trees to protect from mechanical or insect damage, is abstracted in a collection of pendants and rings that prominently feature a broken piece of maple wood complemented with a novel bioresin. Each part consists of a broken piece of maple wood, hand-sorted is loving and unique, hand-poured, hand sanded and hand-packed. […]


i’ve been through 2 years of national service. in these 2 years, there was alot of tears, sweat, vulgarities and blood. but, one of my fondest memory was when me and my friend Alfri (who was a fashion graduate) created an army inspired fashion show for our company as part of recruits’ night. the entire […]

Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2013 RTW

burlap is what’s hot for spring according to designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. just make sure you have lots of baby power on. helps with the itch. but on a serious note, these burlap pieces and the earrings (just look at them!) are sex. couldn’t find a better word to describe it. image credits:

family jewels

Denise Reytan could be the only jewellery designer i have seen that has placed so much effort and creativity through her design process. the story in every jewllery does not require a very complicated plot nor it requires fluffy vocabulary or words. but all it requires is chemistry and soul which i think Reytan has […]

life in plastic, its fantastic

as you sing along to the ultimate old skool tune by ‘Aqua’, we present you another plastic awesome-ness. this is so forking good. view the whole set of pictures here Photographer: TOMAAS Stylist: Carla Engler Represented by BryantBantry Reps Make Up Artist: FionaThatcher For Make Up For Ever. Hair Stylist: SeijiUehara, Represented By Ennis, Inc […]

my jewels goes meow

kinda eccentric and creepy at the same time. on the other note, as you guys have noticed, we’ve been posting much on our site. our dear Shi Ying is currently in Loughbrough, UK for her exchange and i just finished school and i am too preparing for our exchange in NZ. so time isnt really […]

a message to tell

in 2009, Finnish artist Janna Syvanoja created a collection of eco-jewellery made from paper and steel wires. becoming a jeweller was a complete accident as she was never trained in jewellery design and was merely making shapes with shredded newspapers and telephone directories. till now, in her artist statement, she says she doesn’t ‘design’ — […]

green pastures

the moment i saw Hafsteinn Juliusson‘s Growing Jewelry collection, i knew i had to share it with all you green-lovers. this collection marries jewellery and gardening, the modern and the organic, as the rings and necklaces hold in them real Icelandic moss that will grow well if watered appropriately. what attracted me was the simplicity […]

happy earth day and have a good friday

theres’s something very cerebral, elegant and geeky about Yuma Fujimaki‘s circuit jewellery. but definitely something you will love and that nerdy computer engineer husband of yours will approve this shopping spree of yours. Made from recycled electronic waste, Fujimaki’s collection features old circuits transformed into richly detailed rings, simple pendants and brooches fit for the […]

rope me in

Eleanor Bolton is probably the first and only ferosh designer that makes really chic jewelry from rope. a pretty unusual material but is able to send our recyclofashionistas running to pay for it. “I have developed my own craft technique coiling and stitching cotton rope, which I write patterns for as you would for knitting […]