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A spanish artist who recently showed at the Art Basel Miami 2014, Guillermo Mora is no stranger to his choice of medium, acrylic paint. A medium where most artists and students have used before and are rather familiar with it. Mora uses acrylic paint in a rather unusual and refreshing way. His process is almost surreal, […]


Cover Image Source: There were hipsters in Russia during the 1950s, they are just not wearing skinny jeans or growing a mustache. Instead, they were obsessed with the Western culture—in particular, with jazz, boogie woogie, and rock ‘n’ roll. They were called stilyagi. But in the 1950s, unless you had a radio near the border, there was no way […]


Chanced upon this amazing fashion editorial on Schön! Magazine N°27. It features an array of junky styling and a mixture of textures with a little reference of clowns/ circus/ harlequins. Something very up to my taste level and aesthetics. Schon Magazine N°27 Photographer: Livia Alcalde Stylist: Pablo Patanè Makeup: Valeria Orlando Hair: Riccardo Lupini Also […]


“Throw nothing away, we will always find a use for it!” I don’t know how I could have missed this (video was last posted a year ago on Hermès  youtube channel) but can we just celebrate how lovely this initiative by Hermès is?! Hermès is known for its quality goods made to perfection and its inevitable that […]


Christmas is almost here with another month to go and here in Singapore, shops and malls have all geared up and decked with sparkly Christmas decorations. I personally enjoy sipping my favourite Toffee Nut Latte from Starbucks and just gazing at the Christmas decoration like a cat who sees a laser point. Oooo, that sparkly […]


KaCaMa Design Lab is a Hong Kong-based product designers who specializes in reusing post-consumer waste materials. Not only delighting people’s lives but they also hope to instill eco-awareness and establish connections with local enterprises , handicraft and local cultures.  In one of their projects titlted: “The Colour of Waste”, they explored the usage of natural […]


Using very intricate techniques along with unconventional materials, such as transparent tube knits, perler beads (I think), plastic aquarium moss and crystal spiked beading, Cassandra Verity Green a graduate from Central Saint Martins gives the wearer a luxurious but fun experience. She strongly believes that fashion is an “experience” that the wearer should have with the clothes […]


Cover Image: East Palace, H150cm x W300cm – 2 panel ( H60in x W118in – 2 panel ), buttons, pins, beads, 2011 I was very honoured to have been invited for the ‘Becoming Again’ exhibition by Ran Hwang presented by Fondation D’Enterprise Hermès on the opening night. Held at the third floor of the Hermès store at Liat Towers, Singapore, […]


Cover Image: Disposable Carpet  Dutch design trio ‘We Make Carpets‘ isn’t your typical carpet artisans. Designers Marcia Nolte, Stijn van der Vleuten and Bob Waardenburg mixes traditional pattern making with a critical view of the consumer society, the trio creates carpets using every material under the Sun. ‘This amazement concerns the material. And that is what it is all about for WE […]


American artist Gregory Kloehn and the founder of the ‘Homeless Homes Project‘ transforms illegal dumped trash, commercial waste and excess household items into dwellings for the homeless, providing them with the much respite and warmth. He upcycles the raw materials into walls, roofs, doors, windows, wheels and locks. These cute little shelters not just add […]


Cover Image: Evening bomber jacket cut from embroidered Chinese jacket (c.1920); sequinned men’s trousers; silk organdy veil; metal twill Tabi ankle boots So while researching about Maison Martin Margiela Artisanal Fall 2014 show which I blogged about in my previous post, I came across this set of images by photographer Lorenzo Vitturi. I won’t go into the itsy bitsy […]


Cover Image: Collage by HART + LËSHKINA “To reuse, recycle and reinvent.”  As common as this statement might sound. If it is coming out from the mission statement of Maison Martin Margiela (MMM), it has to mean something right. Indeed, at its 5th couture showing under the official haute couture schedule held in Paris, MMM did just that. By […]


Inspired by everyday objects and materials, Maaike Fransen transforms her collection into out of this world creations with a little touch of humour. This almost absurd yet functional collection features models wearing stories/ memories of Fransen’s. Not forgetting about her detail works in the collection, I particularly love the fork appliqué on a oversized top. Its whimsy, […]

Made in China

Ai Weiwei is a prolific Chinese artist who creates controversial works in regards to the politics and sadly, he is pursued by the Chinese government for his remarks. Now, he exhibits and showcases his works outside of China but still addresses the issues of his homeland. His recent work titled “Stacked” is currently exhibiting in […]


if only i am living in a warehouse or the Taj Mahal, i would have scavenged, salvaged, make love to every pre loved furniture in the world. unfortunately, i live in a 4 room apartment in Buangkok and my room is quite small that i have to sleep like Mr Dracula. hanging from above. fortunately, the […]


i’ve been through 2 years of national service. in these 2 years, there was alot of tears, sweat, vulgarities and blood. but, one of my fondest memory was when me and my friend Alfri (who was a fashion graduate) created an army inspired fashion show for our company as part of recruits’ night. the entire […]

happy halloween!

you know every halloween people on your facebook friends’ list will start posting photos of them in costumes, frolicking away. and its always that same old costume. super heroes, zombie nuns, angry birds, undead grandmother etc. same old same old. no one seems to be putting any effort in their costumes. until this. my friend […]

Comme Des Garcons S/S 2013 RTW

i’m developing a huge crush (pun intended) for Comme Des Garcons this Paris fashion week. i quote‘s Jo-Ann Furniss saying ‘ “Crushing” was the answer.’ it seems like the collection itself was extracted from the recycling plant where all materials fuses and interact with each other. the crowns made with biscuit tins and parts of a […]

Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2013 RTW

burlap is what’s hot for spring according to designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. just make sure you have lots of baby power on. helps with the itch. but on a serious note, these burlap pieces and the earrings (just look at them!) are sex. couldn’t find a better word to describe it. image credits:

family jewels

Denise Reytan could be the only jewellery designer i have seen that has placed so much effort and creativity through her design process. the story in every jewllery does not require a very complicated plot nor it requires fluffy vocabulary or words. but all it requires is chemistry and soul which i think Reytan has […]

ART-er rubbish 2

i’m sure everyone is familiar with the kryptonite. yes the dreaded crystal superman will pee in his underwear for. or if you’re more ferosh, you should know about the Chanel fashion show for Paris fashion week where gigantic purple crystals graced the runway. what makes these 2 crystals coming from very different background so captivating? […]

from foam balls to laundry bags

when is the last time you happen to look at something so common and had a eureka moment? Aisling Farrell did when she witnessed a magical moment with fabrics like organza n chiffon n PVC were rubbed with styrofoam beads. The static electricity causes the balls to hover in between them like a snow globe. […]

i love corks. i mean Ostwald Helgason.

what are the odds when you see cork being used in fashion? fashion has always been a risk taker but eco-fashion opens up your vision for alternative materials. Ostwald Helgason is a creative duo made up of Susanne Ostwald and Ingvar Helgason from UK who are very proficient in textile creation n manipulation. but what caught my […]

GaryCard’s appetite

GaryCard has done it again. previously featured on our site here, GaryCard challenged himself to create dynamic styling and art direction for the editorial titled ‘Salad Days’ for T Magazine with Richard Burbridge and Robbie Spencer. Using only salad ingredients such as seafood, meat, noodles and vegetables. He sure knows how to whet my appetite. […]

revived from the dead

just months ag0, my hard disk crashed into the gates of hell and i managed to recover most of the data with a hefty price. while looking through my hard disk data, i came across these few awesome pictures but i only have some details about it! so do tell me  what i’m missing out! […]