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I love my Indian food, I just love exotic flavours and that taste of spices. I love it. And when I saw this video on Vimeo, I knew I had to share it with you guys. This slow-motion video by director Chris Cairns was made as a commercial for a U.K. product called Flavour Shots. […]


Chanced upon this amazing fashion editorial on Schön! Magazine N°27. It features an array of junky styling and a mixture of textures with a little reference of clowns/ circus/ harlequins. Something very up to my taste level and aesthetics. Schon Magazine N°27 Photographer: Livia Alcalde Stylist: Pablo Patanè Makeup: Valeria Orlando Hair: Riccardo Lupini Also […]


Typography could be seen as one of the earliest forms of human existence. Using characters and words to convey our messages and objectives. As time passes by, many typographers and designers have had express their point of views on this limitless yet controlled art form. Moving on towards the digital era, typography is no longer […]


I’ve just realised that lack of Christmas-y posts on recyclofashion, despite the upcoming festivities. So here’s a little something for you guys. Created by filmmaker Vyacheslav Ivanov this microscopic short shows the intimate details of fragile snowflakes as they form in their miraculous hexagonal forms. Beautiful isn’t it? But little is known about how the video is […]


Time lapse cinematography reveals a whole different world full of hypnotic motion and my idea was to make coral reef life more spectacular and thus closer to our awareness. I had a bigger picture in my mind for my clip. But after many months of processing hundreds of thousands of photos and trying to capture […]


Cover Image: Screen cap from “The Creeping Garden” by Tim Grabham and Jaspar Sharp – NOWNESS If you are constantly fascinated by Mother Nature and her wonders of organisms, please take a moment and gawk at this stupendously wonderful trailer of “The Creeping Garden”. So beautiful it makes me want to watch the whole film […]

my jewels goes meow

kinda eccentric and creepy at the same time. on the other note, as you guys have noticed, we’ve been posting much on our site. our dear Shi Ying is currently in Loughbrough, UK for her exchange and i just finished school and i am too preparing for our exchange in NZ. so time isnt really […]

human design

Vivienne Westwood has once again partnered with the ITC (International Trade Centre) for their Ethical Fashion Programme. the new autumn/winter collection is available on facebook. read more about it here. “it’s quite incredible to think that we might save the world through fashion”

the life of a plastic bag

“plastic bag is a short film by the acclaimed director Ramin Bahrani and explores the journey of a plastic bag as it sets out to trace its existence and its maker. The film depicts how the bag struggles with its immortality and travels across America filled with mixed experiences, before settling down into the trash […]