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serpent like

nature can be such a great beauty and it will be nice to own a small piece of it. but it such a contradiction that some of the greatest beauties comes from animals and we are taking away their lives to just own a mere part of them. but British fashion design grad student Stefanie Nieuwenhuvse and […]

shoes that go a long way

only realised a few days ago that i haven’t posted about Osborn shoes yet! how my favourite shoe brand slipped my mind i do not know, perhaps because i tell so many people about them that i thought i’ve written about them already.. in any case, Obsorn shoes, founded by Aaron and Carla Osborn, is […]

eating textile

‘Taste the unwearables’ is a project of Eric Meursing and Marjolein Wintjes (de Culinaire Werkplaats, Amsterdam, the Netherlands) during the Amsterdam international fashion week, summer 2009. They designed especially for this occassion edible fashion accessories and for the grande finale a wedding dress made of edible rhubarb paper, and since then many more edible papers made from […]

sounds gwood!

the V Ave Shoe Repair SS12 caught recyclofashion’s eye (and ear!) with the chunky, handcrafted wooden accessories that “echoed the sound and construction of a wooden castanet”. and what susie bubble said about these woodblocks resembling castanets just made me wonder if we could give it a more local/southeast asian twist, using bamboo instead of […]

tasteful, sweet-smelling style

Swansea Metropolitan University’s Karen Ingham created a series of apparel, Pollinator Frocks, to bring to light the plight of the shrinking populations of bees and other pollinators. she marries technology and aesthetics to create a collection of clothes with beautiful, iridescent floral prints that are supposed to replicate the way insects view flowers. The apparel is […]


wood. a very common material used in fashion accessories like earrings, necklace or brooches. and also a very common material found in landfills. but using wood as a tie? this is definitely something new and refreshing. based in San Francisco, Wood Thumb is a company that specializes in making these beautiful wooden ties. the handcrafted […]

green pastures

the moment i saw Hafsteinn Juliusson‘s Growing Jewelry collection, i knew i had to share it with all you green-lovers. this collection marries jewellery and gardening, the modern and the organic, as the rings and necklaces hold in them real Icelandic moss that will grow well if watered appropriately. what attracted me was the simplicity […]

happy earth day and have a good friday

theres’s something very cerebral, elegant and geeky about Yuma Fujimaki‘s circuit jewellery. but definitely something you will love and that nerdy computer engineer husband of yours will approve this shopping spree of yours. Made from recycled electronic waste, Fujimaki’s collection features old circuits transformed into richly detailed rings, simple pendants and brooches fit for the […]

chicer but not cheaper

it is not rare to find an eco fashion line in stores near you. but it is really rare to find one that makes you look chic and expensive at the same time. Isoude is one of these rare finds. With each garment produced within a 200 mile radius of their home base, Newport, Rhode […]

show me the proof!

Sustainable eye wear company, Proof, is on a mission to look good and do good with their range of shades. The unisex shades are made with sustainably sourced wood, including ebony, zebrawood, and bamboo–they have foldable sunnies, too. They donate a portion of their profit to an eye clinic in India and a tree replanting initiative in […]

wear your origami

teaming up computer scientist Jun Mitani, innovative japanese designer, Issey Miyake and his team at Reality Lab have created the origami based addition to the Miyake design family, 132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE. using a software which generates formulas to construct 3D, geometric shape ouf of single sheets of paper, miyake and his team adapted the […]

ULTRA good

at recyclofashion, we support local design not just because it reduces carbon foot print  but it often brings us unexpected surprises. here is something from our friendly neighbour Malaysia, known for their ramly burgers and teh tarik, they present to us with Ultra. Ultra is a Malaysian eco-fashion label that launched in September 2010, will […]