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ULTRA good

at recyclofashion, we support local design not just because it reduces carbon foot print  but it often brings us unexpected surprises.

here is something from our friendly neighbour Malaysia, known for their ramly burgers and teh tarik, they present to us with Ultra.

Ultra is a Malaysian eco-fashion label that launched in September 2010, will showcase their fall 2011 collection and bring their designs to an international level at Tranoi during Paris Fashion Week.

thanks to help from the public through their kickstarter and Malaysia’s national trade promotion agency, the made-to-order high fashion label has just met their goal and will take part in the trade show in March in France.

sustainability and style seems to be the way to go for the Ultras. in fact, all materials are sourced in Malaysia and “neighboring regions,” and they keep a close relationship with their suppliers. artisans are also sourced to craft their made-to-order pieces.

and now, the final question. are they going to serve ramly burgers when they are in France?

image credits: ultra

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