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wear your origami

teaming up computer scientist Jun Mitani, innovative japanese designer, Issey Miyake and his team at Reality Lab have created the origami based addition to the Miyake design family, 132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE.

using a software which generates formulas to construct 3D, geometric shape ouf of single sheets of paper, miyake and his team adapted the process to fabric resulting in flat folded shapes (rather than cutting and sewing the fabric is held in place by a series of strategic and permanent creases) that literally pop up into wearable garments.

using eco-friendly materials such as a fleece-like fabric made from recycled plastic bottles and equipping each garment with a series of snaps allowing it to be worn a multitude of different ways for different occasions, Miyake strove to create garments that were as sustainable as they were innovative.

this also meant extra luggage space! hell yeah!

news source: burdastyle

image credits: burdastyle

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