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serpent like

nature can be such a great beauty and it will be nice to own a small piece of it. but it such a contradiction that some of the greatest beauties comes from animals and we are taking away their lives to just own a mere part of them.

but British fashion design grad student Stefanie Nieuwenhuvse and her collection titled: Biomimicry has proved to us that using discarded materials in sustainable ways can recreate nature’s work without the expenses of the environment. She took her cue from the discarded, laser-cut plywood chips she saw strewn on the floor of her school’s workshop. In collecting them, she used hand-sewing to re-make these waste pieces into a fabulous collection that also mimicks the natural patterns of snake’s skin.

her collection includes a diverse range of wearable pieces such as a bustier top, a full-length gown, trousers, neckpieces and shoes, all mimicking the skin of a snake.

” It is this quality to both retain nature by mimicking its attributes, and making use of the product’s tendencies to last, by means of its lifespan and its aesthetic perception, that makes it sustainable.”

this is truly a stunning piece of work and it has made my heart slither away like a mythical naga woman.

news credits: treehugger

image credits: behance


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