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from foam balls to laundry bags

when is the last time you happen to look at something so common and had a eureka moment?

Aisling Farrell did when she witnessed a magical moment with fabrics like organza n chiffon n PVC were rubbed with styrofoam beads. The static electricity causes the balls to hover in between them like a snow globe. The play with physics in fabric manipulation and contrast is simply innovative and has created a certain playfulness to it. Definitely, one technique i hope to see being used by other designers. or even better, coming up with similar scientific reaction and applying them into highly wearable fashion.

Hayley Grundmann is one fashion odd ball. She manages to find inspiration from the most mundane chore every women has to go through and made it exciting. THE LAUNDRY. It was transformed into this delightful knitted collection with shreds of woven laundry bags that everyone knows. and in Singapore’s context we call it “Ah Ma” bags (granny bags) because of its durability and how every granny in Singapore manages to own one. Well its not uncommon to see the laundry bag being used in a fashion collection, take for example, the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 07 collection, Rami Kashou’s first challenge outfit in Project Runway All Stars to a wallet from Analog (which i happened to own one) but Hayley took on a more oddball approach by experimentation and incorporation with thickness of plastic and wool and of course pegs. The styling also took on a rather bizarre approach, just take a look at her glasses and hats complete with ankle lengths socks. Indeed, Hayley’s collection is nothing short from her inspiration and i couldn’t get enough of it.

news credits: stylebubble

image credits: stylebubble

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