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family jewels

Denise Reytan could be the only jewellery designer i have seen that has placed so much effort and creativity through her design process. the story in every jewllery does not require a very complicated plot nor it requires fluffy vocabulary or words. but all it requires is chemistry and soul which i think Reytan has successfully infused them into her work. it’s a very strong personal statement she has made through her finds and methods of production that has interests me. Largely, wearable art especially in the form of jewellery can get lost in the context of fashion. but i found marriage between art and fashion in Reytan’s work. One could say that her jewellery pieces could  share the vibes of Christian Dior jewllery or even Marni. But i would say Reytan is marching to the beat of her own drum. quirky, unconventional and made from found objects, every piece seems to be able to stand alone as an art work.

i think that is what her jewellery is all about.

With a rich amount of press (eg.Vogue) behind her back, im sure in no time, she will be producing more astounding works of wearable art.

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