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as a visual communication student, i’m constantly dealing with paper stocks and its not uncommon for me to get papercuts which i hate with a vengeance. like a sneaky ninja, papercuts strikes when you’re not watching. the damage will only be realised when you’re in the shower and it hurts.

the beautiful pictures titled Papercuts, rock my socks. Shot in a what i believe is the backstage of a theatre, the model wearing delightful paper costumes which reminded me of the dada theatre and the triadic ballet. both having very exaggerated body forms and silhouettes in costumes. oh yes, i could definitely see the surrealism reference (especially Giorgio De Chirico) in the shots, starting with the set design, where sculptures and items seems to be displaced at this seemingly random areas but yet forming quiet relationships with each other through the weird juxtaposition.

somehow, i no longer hate papercuts anymore.

dada theatre

the triadic ballet

Photography by Lena Kholkina

Design by Venera Kazarova

Model(s) Ira Patrikeeva @ Aquarelle Models

image credits:

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